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  • Daeseung International will sincerely help you
    purchase and sell unused IC semiconductor electronic components.

    The products you've had for a long time. TR, TTL, DIODE, MEMORY, TANTAL, INDUCTOR...Production plants, laboratories, and distributors as they handle a wide range of devices and packages.We collectively purchase unused TURN-KEY materials that occur in various electronic fields such as dealerships. With long-standing know-how and understanding of components, we are purchasing electronic components in one-stop process through various channels around the world, and we help you minimize your loss or earn surplus income at a fast and competitive price

    In addition to prompt payment of cash sales, we always provide the most optimized solution to the unused material disposal plan according to the client's situation, needs, and convenience. If you are looking for an electronic parts buyer because of long-term inventory, please contact DAESUNG International.

    If you send a simple picture or specification (P/N quantity D/C) information about the unused material IC that you want to process, we can calculate the price accurately, so please refer to it..